Center on Disability and Inclusion director Christy Ashby appeared on the latest episode of the Jabbedu Podcast: “Creating an Equitable Path for Students with Disabilities.”

From Jabbedu: We should all be working towards a more equitable future for all… but what does that look like exactly?  It’s hard to know for sure, but the point is that we’re making the effort.  On this episode, Dr. Christine Ashby shares with us her experience as a special education teacher in a fully-immersed school and some of the pros and cons of that design.  We spend some additional time chatting about how to change the culture of a school, before transitioning to some of the amazing work she’s doing with the brand new Center on Disability and Inclusion.  We wrap up with a highlight of her co-authored book, Enacting Change From Within.  Great conversation through and through – tune in!

The Jabbedu Podcast: “Creating an Equitable Path for Students with Disabilities”