The Mid-State School-Age Family and Community Engagement Center (SA-FACE Center) supports the OSE Educational Partnership in its mission to promote meaningful systems change, improve outcomes for students with disabilities aged 5-21, and build the capacity of districts and community agencies to improve family and community engagement.

The SA-FACE Center engages in systems-change work, providing a variety of supports including regional learning opportunities, targeted skills groups, and intensive partnerships. The SA-FACE Center provides technical assistance and professional development to a variety of stakeholders as determined through regional planning. The stakeholders for the SA-FACE Center include families of students age 5-21; community members; and staff of public school districts, approved private day and residential schools, Special Act schools, State-supported, and State-operated schools. Through this collaborative team approach, the SA-FACE Center also promotes meaningful family involvement within the educational system, build collaborative community relationships, and provide information and training about available service options and delivery systems for students aged 5-21. Families can also use the resource and referral services provided by the SA-FACE Center.

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Phone: 315.443.4195

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Amy Zogby, Professional Development Specialist | 315.443.4323

Kristine O’Brien, Resource and Referral Specialist

Antonia Cathcart, Resource and Referral Specialist